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TRIRIDE Special Light

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Triride® is a smart, efficient and convenient solution for turning a manual wheelchair into a motorised one. Triride now has a brilliant range of products conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Gianni Conte, who made the first prototype for his personal use and then decided to start the company.
This is the “Special Light” version. Ideal for those who need to minimize the effort in handling the Triride. Easy to to attach; easy to put into car’s boot; easy to handle. This motor has excellent performance.

The Special Light model features a built-in computer controlled from a LCD display on the handlebar. The display gives information about milage, day trip, battery charge, speed. In particular, there are five speed levels, the first two complying with the British Road Regulations, limiting the speed at:
Level 1 = 4mph (pavements and bicycle lanes
Level 2 = 8mph (public roads)
Level 3 – 5: for usage in private areas.
Speed is controlled by a thumb-operated accelerator on the handlebar and limited by the electronic control unit, which is programmable by Bromakin using software supplied by Triride following our on site product training. 

The electronic unit also controls forward and reverse ride performance, cruise control & motor brake. The motor brake is unique in it's application to this type of product supplied by Bromakin. It has a very efficient and smooth performance that prevents overheating of the disc brakes.
The 36v 7Amp Lithium-Ion battery is rated at 251 Watt-Hours, and tested in accordance with UN38.3 regulations, and assigned to the UN3480 restrictions for transportation.

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