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OTTOBOCK Kimba Cross

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The Kimba Cross features a 3-wheel mobility base which is versatile, practical, and also attractive.

On rugged terrain, the suspension seat absorbs impacts from rocks or pot holes so your child stays comfortably seated. The Kimba Cross is also much easier for you to push, thanks to its large pneumatic tires, drum brakes, height-adjustable push bar, splash guards and anti-tip bars.

The Kimba Multifunctional Seating Unit is available in 2 sizes:

Size 1: 1-6 years – SEAT WIDTH 20-30cm x SEAT DEPTH 19-31cm

Size 2: 4-10 years - SEAT WIDTH 26-35cm x SEAT DEPTH 24-40cm


Optional Swivelling front wheel or rigid 16“ front wheel with pneumatic tire.

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