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FreedomChair A06 350px
The Freedom Chair range are lightweight folding powered wheelchairs. Available in this small wheel version

With a 43cm wide seat and user limit of 110kg, the A06 is the smallest and lightest option. The wider 49cm A08 has a user limit of 160kg and the option of 3 batteries. Good enough for both indoors and outdoors thanks to the 10” rear wheels and built-in anti-tip device. (for best outdoor use, consider the larger wheel A06L with pneumatic tyres).

Powerful lithium batteries can be charged both on and off the chair with the supplied charging adaptor cable. Certified for airline travel. Armrests can be lifted to allow sideways transfers or to clear table tops. The standard seating is basic and light, so can be improved with additional contour cushions from our other suppliers.

We only started selling this product range in Mid-2018, but have seen a lot of interest already. Compared to similar fold-up powerchairs we are confident in the build quality of the Freedom Chair. 

Gross weight:

21kg / 23.5kg

Maximum weight:

110kg / 160kg

Seat dimensions:

43cm x 43cm / 49cm x 44cm


4 mph standard, 6 mph max

Driving Range:

With 1 battery: up to 9 miles / 15km

With 2 batteries: up to 18 miles / 30km

With 3 batteries: up to 27 miles / 45km (49cm chair)

Drive wheels:

10” PU tyre

Front wheels:

8” PU tyre


2 x 200W / 2 x 250W brushless motors

Battery capacity:

24V 9AH per battery


Spring absorber


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