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AeroRacerLWhether you are a world class athlete  competing in Paralympics and big city marathons or a recreational athlete keeping fit and having fun.

Bromakin race chairs have a long and glorious race history and have earned a reputation for quality and performance which is second to none. Weighing as little as 6kg for a complete chair and yet withstanding the demands of tough marathon competition is the quality these Bromakin race chairs offer. Standard features include Tig welded 7020 alloy frame in seated or kneeling styles, 650c or 700c rear wheels, tyre coated pushrims, adjustable contoured upholstery, adjustable footrest, track compensator technology, brake, powder coat paint finish. Options available include Carbon wheels, titanium pushrims, cyclo computer, custom colours. Use our experience and knowledge to help you reach your potential and achieve your personal goals


Aero Racer

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