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BROMAKIN ExerciseRoller

BROMAKIN-wheelchair-exercise-rollers-300pxTraining roller for everyday fitness.
The system comprises twin roller drums with durable powder coated finish, the front drum has a positive locking brake to allow safe and easy access, the detachable ramp can be easily removed for storage or transport. The electronic speed/distance readout is simple and easy to use. Bromakin have over 20 years experience manufacturing exercise and training equipment that has been used successfully by wheelchair athletes, rehabilitation clinics, sports centres and for research in academic institutions. This latest product is a further refinement of a tried and tested system that has proved its worth over many years.


Base dimensions = 43cm x 103cm     Ramp extension = 98cm 

♦ This product is currently out of stock, but please phone us to discuss exercise and training options ♦

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