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The küschall Advance® is designed from a complete new starting point - the seating!

Made out of carbon, the rigid carbon seat plate is the main part of the küschall Advance®. Everything else has been designed and developed around it. The final design of the carbon seat plate was influenced not only by innovative ideas regarding advanced super lightweight materials, but also by a desire for an increase of the stiffness of the entire construction. The result is an outstanding driving performance and responsiveness combined to a high level of comfort. The small strips at the rear of the seat plate follow the shape of the user’s body and thus improve the pressure distribution on the seat surface.

The Quick Release Frame option gives you the opportunity to change front frames set and also ensures easy transportation of your rigid wheelchair. 

Bromakin recommend this chair as a versatile & configurable choice to suit a wide range of personal requirements. Especially suited to new-users who are still perfecting their seating position.